Forms Live Sign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

It is an integrated e-signature solution, created by and housed within the REI Forms Live platform. This premium feature will be available to your entire agency, rather than the current single DocuSign license per individual purchased.

In Australia, Electronic Transaction Act 1999 permit e-signatures, which have the same legal status as handwritten signatures – with the proviso both parties agree to their use and they meet minimum standards.

The new Forms Live Sign platform has two factor authentication, a login for use, and most importantly the ability to audit signatures and provide them at any time if there are questions regarding any particular signature.

To transition current DocuSign subscribers over to Forms Live Sign, we will honour the latest expiry date of your DocuSign subscriptions if you have multiple accounts. You will not be prompted to pay for the premium feature Forms Live Sign until the last expiry date.

All DocuSign subscribers will automatically be transferred over to the new signing option. There will be no need to request a refund as the cost will be transferred to the new platform along with the subscription. 

Yes – this is already a feature of REI Forms Live, called Info Requests. Please refer to this video tutorial.

Yes – this is covered in this tutorial video. REI Forms Live has added a Cover Letter feature to enable you to upload your own documents into the platform for signing.

Yes, this will remain the same as is currently used.

Yes, with the use of the cover page, you can upload a Form 1 prepared by a conveyancer/solicitor and add the required signing fields for the purchaser/buyer to sign. There will be various cover pages with different signing options available for use.

Your form will still be able to be executed by all signees and will come back as a completed document via email.

Your subscription will be totally unaffected by the change and you can continue to use your DocuSign envelopes as usual. Please get in touch with us at your renewal date to discuss your options.

Yes! When selecting signers, agents can use their REI Forms Live stored signature, rather than having to sign every time with a mouse. Watch the video explaining this

Yes – they can be accessed via the signing sidebar.

No. Agents are not required to enter their mobile number, however it can be accessed if necessary.

Currently agents will receive emails

  1. when they need to sign a form,
  2. when they are copied in on the signing process, and
  3. when the signing process has been completed and all parties have signed. There will be a future update that will enable individual users to toggle when they receive notifications, ie when a client has viewed/signed their section.

You can do this within the ‘Forms’ section of REI Forms Live. You can filter forms by their status, and each signee is colour coded. Green means it has been completed, orange means they are yet to sign.

Yes! The platform is able to be used on mobile.

Forms Live Sign Tutorial
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