Barclay MIS

Our motto is ‘By your side to manage, control and recover debt’, this sums us up. We are your friendly debt recovery agency, here to help your office and staff through every step of a tenancy. From tenant checks when selecting a tenant, to assisting with arrears, executing evictions, removing, and storing goods of value after an eviction and, of course, enforcing SACAT orders. What’s more it doesn’t cost your agency a cent! In fact, as part of our partnership with REISA, all REISA members will receive a payment equal to $2.50 for every new landlord who subscribes to the $66 Barclay MIS Protect & Collect plan, plus $1.25 for each landlord who renews annually.


On top of this offer Barclay MIS also offer our ‘Platinum Partners’ complimentary debt collection for ALL office related debt, including, but not limited to, vendor paid advertising, management fees etc.

Want to know more CLICK HERE or contact our South Australian Manager, Dani Gaspari on 1300 883 916 or by email