Forms Live Sign

Electronic Signing Options

Within REI Forms Live you have the ability to add electronic signatures to your forms and agreements via two different methods on finalised forms.

Allowing you to sign your form on screen (using a mobile or tablet) whilst you are physically present with your client. This process is the equivalent of using pen and paper.

The signing person will be prompted to acknowledge and agree that, in general, they are aware that they are signing their form electronically and agreeing to the legal obligations of that form, as well as agreeing to receive electronic communications.

Remote signing, when you need a document to be signed by a party that is not present in the same location as you. The signing requires will be emailed to the recipient and electronically signed remotely.

To use this facility you must have a Forms Live Sign subscription in REI Forms Live. You can purchase Forms Live Sign through your individual account in REI Forms Live.

Please refer to this video tutorial to see how Forms Live Sign works.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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