What Our Members Say About Us

Tom Taplin

Director, Taplin Real Estate

“Paul and the team at REISA have facilitated several professional development seminars with our property management team. Their experience, knowledge and ability to create realistic scenarios has proven very valuable. The professional development seminars are a good opportunity for our property managers to meet others within the industry and to focus on areas in which they feel need improvement or more attention.”

Mark Sanderson

Managing Director, Smallacombe Real Estate Group
“REISAs targeted training for real estate sales people is excellent Paul Edwards presentations are enjoyable and he certainly grabs your attention. And he makes it interactive and informative. There are always new issues coming up in real estate sales and attending REISAs sessions are the way to go.”

Debbie Bennett

Principal of : Rivercity Realty Pty Ltd and Refined Retirement Services Pty Ltd
As a Principal Agent and a REISA financial member for over 20 years would like to share my thoughts about the REISA Professional Development training by Paul Edwards. REISA training has been essential for my business growth because of Paul’s expert knowledge of the Real Estate Industry and legislation is outstanding.

Ben Philpott

Property Manager/Real Estate Sales, DB Philpott Real Estate

“Paul’s experience and delivery brings legislation and real world property management together, always passionate in his delivery and always happy to answer any questions.”

Brodie Lavis

Business Partner / Consultant, Lavis Real Estate

“The REISA’s PD Courses are beneficial to developing the skills of our property managers and sales agents. Paul has great knowledge within the Real Estate industry and ensures the courses are enjoyable to attend.

We would highly recommend attending Pauls’ courses, as you can never stop learning. All in all they are very informative and we learn something new every time.”

Elena Carnevale

Managing Director, The Property Experts

“Understanding and keeping up to date with legislation is important within our industry in both sales and property management. As a Director it is imperative to ensure I am across everything within our industry along with my team. Paul Edwards not only brings his enthusiasm and passion for the industry but his extensive knowledge and up to date information is shared in every training session. You will never be disappointed and if you are not a REISA member I ask you why not? They are the best!”

Nick Ploubidis

Principal – Auctioneeer, LJ Hooker Unley
“I’m loving the new format of the Professional Development Courses with REISA and trainer Paul Edwards. A selection of short courses focused on specific content lets me tailor training for the individual members of my team. Paul is extremely knowledgeable, straight to the point and avoids the ‘fluff’. He welcomes questions and challenges to the content and trains from a practical perspective. I highly recommend new and experienced real estate practitioners to look at what’s upcoming and get on board.”

Tiffany Wong

Head of Property Management,
Belle Property

“The professional development courses from REISA were very helpful and informative, I particularly appreciate how they have shared many case studies to assist property managers with their daily tasks. Paul was so knowledgeable and was always available when I needed him for assistance. I am definitely recommending these PD courses to everyone.”

Donna Rendell

Senior Property Manager, City Realty

“ Having worked in Property Management for nearly 40 years, I find attending Paul Edwards ‘Professional Development’ sessions at REISA not only informative, but entertaining, enlightening and ESSENTIAL to keeping abreast of current and pending legislation and compliance! Paul’s engaging personality and insights into the Residential Tenancies Act make it a fun interaction for all that will give you plenty of tricks to keep in your toolbox!!

Ayden Lloyd

Property Manager, Harcourts Adelaide Hills
“ REISA Personal Development training has set me up for success as a new Property Manager in the Real Estate Industry. Paul Edwards’ expertise and knowledge of the Real Estate Industry and the legislation is unmatched and the collaborative training prepares you for anything that you may face in your Real Estate career. Paul encourages collaboration, encourages questions and makes training enjoyable. I would highly recommend Paul and the training offered by REISA to anyone, new or with high experience in the industry.”

Rebecca Rose

Property Management Executive, Ellis Real Estate
“Paul Edwards not only brings exceptional knowledge to his PDs, but also entertainment. These sessions are filled with ample open conversation and debate so that I leave the PD feeling empowered and supported in the industry. I would highly recommend anyone to attend, because you can never be too knowledgeable – and please, do yourself a favour and become a member !”

Lisa Akeroyd

Rental Manager, Barossa Rental Specialists
“Training is vital for the Barossa Rental Specialists team as knowledge is strength and creates confidence with our team to deal with day to day rental management responsibilities. REISA provides the perfect platform for us to maintain our knowledge and sharpen our skills. We also value our Certified Professional Member accreditation and strive to ensure all our team become CPM accredited. The REISA training also supports the professional advancement of the overall real estate industry”.

Jack Boylan

Managing Director, RentSelect

“These professional development sessions have been a great asset to our team, keeping up with the fast-moving market it has also brought new challenges, Paul Edwards has a wealth of knowledge obviously built over a lifetime as he is multifaceted in his responses. There is no real estate handbook, but these sessions are the closest thing. All my questions being some being complicated hypothetical situations were answered, some which I have been thinking about answers for years!

Thank you and we will be back.”

Bobi Vikor

Managing Director, RentSelect
“In the nearly 20 yrs I have been a Property Manager, it is only since Paul Edwards commenced his employment with REISA as the Legislation and Compliance Adviser, that the Property Management community have paid attention to the contents of the legislation. His PD sessions explore different scenarios relating to the Residential Tenancies Act that give meaning to definition and the knowledge needed to manage a property effectively. Thank you Paul for bringing the change in the R/E Industry needed!”

Jo Cullinan

Property Investment Manager, Cullinan Property Management

“Cullinan property management supports flexible working for all staff.  Working flexibly means sometimes I work outside normal business hours. Please do not feel obliged to read, respond to or action this message outside of your preferred hours.”

John Warnock

Director, Listed Real Estate

“Being my first year of running my own agency, staying up to date with legislation and managing risk is of the utmost importance. Paul’s PD workshops have given my staff and I the confidence to conduct and grow our business all while being compliant. Not only are the workshops incredibly beneficial, they are also very enjoyable and are now a very important part of our calendar! “

Melanie Laube

Rental Department Manager/Co-Director, Masons Real Estate

“Having been in the industry for 28 years it is great to finally have access to someone like Paul Edwards. I love attending Paul’s Professional Development sessions, he is always very informative and professional. He understands the Property Management business thoroughly and is always bringing updated advice to the table. I highly recommend the sessions, it is a great way to keep up to date and compliant at the same time!”

Moni Mazzeo

Principal, Rental Property Network

“Taryk and I attended a recent Property Management session on the current ‘hot topics’ in our industry. We were so impressed with the content and presentation that we followed up by booking Paul for in house training at our Annual Conference. With a team of 20 property managers, its important that we remain informed of any legislation updates and Paul is simply the best trainer in South Australia for this. Having Paul present directly to our team has enabled us to tailor a workshop specifically for our needs and Paul and his team have been an absolute delight to work with.”