Certified Professional

“The Professional Standard in South Australian Real Estate”

CPM - The Concept Explained

What is Certified Professional Membership ?

CPM is exclusive to REISA members (MREI)
CPM is a privileged level of membership gained as a result of individual members going above and beyond that normally required to be an agent, sales representative or property manager in South Australia (MREI)
CPM supports REISA Members in their efforts to remain as relevant, professional and ethical as possible in the pursuit of client excellence(MREI)
CPM delivers training in core competencies to ensure REISA Members obtain and utilise a combination of skills that will deliver outstanding results in the areas of consumer protection, customer service and involvement in the profession and wider community

Download the CPM Booklet

How to display the entitlement to CPM

Once you have reached CPM status you will receive a certificate of achievement, a lapel pin and a graphic to place in
your email signature. To display the entitlement to CPM please use the following: M.R.E.I. (CPM)