The EXCLUSIVE TRAINING presented by Paul Edwards

Looking to fill in the knowledge and experience gaps in your organisation regarding legislation and compliance? We’re proud to present Personal Drive – EXCLUSIVE TRAINING tailored to your agency

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What Our Members Says

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Tiffany Wong Business Development Manager,
Belle Property

“The professional development courses from REISA were very helpful and informative, I particularly appreciate how they have shared many case studies to assist property managers with their daily tasks. Paul was so knowledgeable and was always available when I needed him for assistance. I am definitely recommending these PD courses to everyone.”

Rebecca Rose Property Management Executive,
Ellis Real Estate

“Paul Edwards not only brings exceptional knowledge to his PDs, but also entertainment. These sessions are filled with ample open conversation and debate so that I leave the PD feeling empowered and supported in the industry. I would highly recommend anyone to attend, because you can never be too knowledgeable – and please, do yourself a favour and become a member !”

Mark Sanderson Managing Director,
Smallacombe Real Estate Group

“REISAs targeted training for real estate sales people is excellent Paul Edwards presentations are enjoyable and he certainly grabs your attention. And he makes it interactive and informative. There are always new issues coming up in real estate sales and attending REISAs sessions are the way to go.”