The Huddle

As part of our partnership with South Australian based workplace culture and conflict resolution experts The Huddle, they are offering you, our members, an exclusive benefit of Two Workshops for the Price of One!

Learn from subject matter experts Gary Edwards and Kate Russell during one four-hour workshop, including a Debrief with Leadership, for $3,300 + GST. 

Influence for Positive Outcomes with Gary Edwards

Dealing with difficult customers can cause stress and make it hard to reach a good outcome. To handle these situations well, we need to be able to manage our own emotions, de-escalate the situation when it gets heated, and work through a process that will lead to a mutually acceptable result.


How to Have Difficult Conversations with Kate Russell

Most of us want to avoid difficult conversations. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and we often worry about how the other person is going to react. But this might mean that we tolerate behaviour that is not ok or issues can escalate.

Learning how to start a difficult conversation is a great life skill that you can apply with tenants and landlords or in the office environment.


To take advantage of this offer, contact Julie Thorne on 0417 885 453 or by email