Directors' Circle Breakfast

23 November 2023 | 7.30am arrival for 8.00am to 9.30am | The Robin Hood Hotel, Norwood

Ticket Price: $35 for members, $50 for non-members

* Light breakfast included *

REISA’s 2023 Directors’ Circle series concludes with an important discussion on company culture and how it can breed success and result in happy, psychologically safe employees.

Hear from Leading Teams’ Simone de Laine and real estate Principal and mental health advocate Moni Mazzeo on how you can foster a strong, dynamic and results-oriented company culture without sacrificing the wellbeing of your employees.

Engaging and retaining through culture

Unemployment levels are low, there is choice in the job market for employees, and the competition for talent has never been more fierce. High performing teams are made up of people who are committed and accountable. Retaining and engaging these people is critical to shaping your organisation’s culture.

Presented by

Simone de Laine

With two decades of experience in driving impactful people and culture outcomes across various industries such as sport, media, entertainment, information technology, property, and defence, Simone brings a wealth of expertise. She excels in crafting and implementing effective strategies that cover the entire employee lifecycle. Simone’s skills extend to attracting, engaging, and retaining exceptional talent within organizations. She is dedicated to cultivating high-performance cultures by leveraging the potential of teams and leadership dynamics. Renowned for her successful program deliveries, she has gained the trust of organizations as a reliable partner who helps them comprehend the impact of behaviors and relationships on team and organizational culture. With her guidance, individuals and teams are empowered to foster environments that promote and sustain high performance.

Mental Health Challenges in Property Management

The role in property management is highly stressful and the impact on the Mental health and wellbeing of Property Managers in Australia is quite significant.  Moni Mazzeo’s passion of understanding the human aspect of real estate has led her to pilot research these issues within the industry. Her discussion will cover the emotional aspects in the role of Property Managers and the impact this stress has on their mental health. Additionally, she will also cover the role of support, control and training on staff retention.

Presented by

Moni Mazzeo

Moni Mazzeo started her career in real estate in the 1990s, first in Sales, then Admin and Property Management, and then finally as a principal.

Recognising the lack of value often placed on Property Managers in 2013, Moni and her husband Justin created Rental Property Network, a Property Management specialist company, with a vision to change the industry. Convinced that the way to solve Landlord’s concerns and Property Manager’s grievances was based on support, Moni set about establishing a unique business model focussed on flexibility, high incomes, and the training and retention of Property Managers. The team created is fiercely protective of the culture within the organisation and cultivates an environment of collaboration and innovation.

Getting There

The Robin Hood Hotel
315 Portrush Rd, Norwood